New Years Resolution: Getting Organized Part 2

by admin on January 11, 2013

Everybody has a little nook in the house where they take care of bills and stash paperwork. A wishfully neat quiet place, but probably messier than you’d like - it’s the home office.  Even if it’s not a real “office,” it’s the place where pens, papers, and post-its live happily mixed up with paper-clips, unopened mail, and the kids soccer schedule.  Let’s tackle that home office as part of our New Years Resolution to get organized. Here are some pics to harness that inspiration and get cracking! As a wise woman once said, a messy room is a messy mind.


Give yourself that Corner Office you always wanted


Add some sass and color coordinate wallpaper with bins and binders on shelves


With simple wall shelving organization, incorporate a neat narrow desk


Or organize that wall section and pop your desk off it, facing out into the room!


Use cubby holes instead of shelves to better separate smaller items


How about trying this amazing and creative use of closet space


To conserve space, sometimes all you need is an efficiently designed desk

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