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FullSizeRender 6While I was in Lao I decide I wanted to make a trip to Vientiane to visit Carol Cassidy, founder and owner of Lao Textiles. I had the honor of meeting with Carol and her assist Ms Somphone who graciously show me her studio

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Carol has lived in Vientiane since 1989. She studied weaving in Norway and Finland and earned a BF from the University of Michigan. She started as a weaving advisor on a UN weaving project in Vientiane, Lao. She decided to establish her own textile business to preserve and continue the tradition of hand-weaving of silk in Laos. The studio produces a broad range of hand-woven, silk textiles ranging from intricate brocades and tapestry wall hangings to it scarves and shawls. She show me the custom project she was currently working for a NYC designer. Lao Textiles was awarded the Product Excellence Award by UNESCO in 2001. She has been award in 221 the first Preservation of Craft Award by Aid to Artisans. She continues to advise the UN and other development agencies. She also has worked closely with a group of weavers in Cambodia who are landline survivors. Her work can be seen in selected Retailers in United States ABC Carpet & Home, Asia Society , Kismet , Museum of Craft a & Folk Art, Old Rangoon Kiawah, Old Rangoon, Smithsonian Institution and Textile Museum.


Her logo she used for her trade mark
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Here I’m leaving a very happy customer with my purchase of a beautiful orange scarf.  It was package in homemade paper with a gold tassel  Exquisite!   The experience of meeting Carol was the reason I stopped in Vientiane.  It was so work the stop over while I was in Lao.

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Warmest Holiday Wishes

by admin on December 22, 2014

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.  I’ll be off to Singapore tomorrow and  Indonesia for the holidays with my family and visiting my twin sister Valerie who lives there.  db1b1a3a5791047d5070a01b1c567663Unknown-3images-2images-3Unknown-1

Yes, its will be a warmer Christmas for us but we’re all excited to explore Asia again.
All the Best to you all.

Part 2 Munich Christmas Market Marienplatz

by admin on December 16, 2014

FullSizeRender 25This is traditional Christmas at it’s very best and you’ll find all manner of stalls selling crafts, sweets, cakes, food, mulled wine and other delights. I also explored the Tollwood Christmas Market at the Theresienwiese which is full of goodies around the world.

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A Visit to Munich Residence Museum originated as a small moated castle, built in 1385, and was gradually expanded by the Wittelsbach rulers who used it until 1918 as their residence and seat of government. The Residence was also the place where the rulers kept their art collections and treasures.

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Christmas Markets in Germany

by admin on December 14, 2014

Numerous Christmas Markets take place all over Germany between the 1st advent and Christmas Eve. I had at the great pleasure to jet off to Germany the 1st week of December to experience 6 different Christmas Markets in Frankfurt and Munich. Plus catch up with my dear girlfriend Lisa who has been living in Frankfurt the past 20 years. Lisa Gardiner and I meet in Tokyo and kept in touch over the years it was a joy to spend time with her and her husband TobiasFullSizeRender 24

Lisa and I having a blast together.

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It was a few wonderful days spent with fiends and enjoy the European Tradition. Part 2 will be in Munich.

Happy Thanksgiving

by admin on November 26, 2014


I love to set up my table and decoration early to enjoy the Fall Season.
We hosted a few dinner parties in November so I could really create a table center pierce that was unique
I used my daughter’s succulent plants she wanted in her bedroom but she off to college so I added my fall touches to it and used this year for our center piece.
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Here’s the succulent plants with my fall addition to it.
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I’ve used a few of my Roseville collection my mother has given me over the years which look lovely for the Fall Season

A Quote for Thanksgiving to share:
“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”

Have a wonderful celebration with your love ones