Destination Design is a place for jet-setters and homebodies alike.  Keeping you updated on our experiences at home and abroad through the eyes of seasoned designers, we hope to inspire and entertain our readers.  We believe that globalization and an increased recognition of the fabulous ideas that lay across our borders are what brings us closer together.


Audrey Brandt


Known as a travel maven to her closest friends and family, interior designer Audrey Brandt has dedicated her life and career to exploring the “other” side.  With a definite appreciation of the world in motion, she has traveled to over 50 countries, developing a well rounded vision and voice that shines through in her designs. Audrey currently runs her own practice in San Francisco, California, however, her door is open to projects both local and international.  Audrey is an international Affiliate Member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID™). Find out more about Audrey by visiting  www.AudreyBrandt.com


Valerie G. Brandt


Valerie left the family’s Idaho horse ranch at 18 to see the world… and she’s still out there seeing it.  Starting with the modeling contract that took her and Audrey to Tokyo after university, she’s made a lifestyle choice to live and travel abroad. Trained in modern American design principles, Valerie has defined her style by absorbing the best of the many places around the world she has lived and worked. She successfully has run interior design businesses in Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, and Washington, DC.  She now lives and works in New Delhi, India.  Valerie is an international Affiliate Member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID™).